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I had a very good experience with Dr. Abizer Kapadia at NMC Royal, DIP. I had a nerve and tendon cut on my fingers on the right hand and it was a very nasty injury. However, it has been a very smooth journey from the day I entered the hospital till today when I go for my follow-up and physio. Dr. Kapadia advised me for surgery and physio sessions post-surgery to get my fingers moving as they had lost all the sensation. Everything was handled brilliantly and I am glad that I was in the most trusted hands of Dr. Abizer.

- Harshada Shetty

My journey started in Dec 2018 when I tore my Achilles Tendon. I was referred to have surgery a few weeks later (hospital won’t be disclosed). A few months later the surgery wasn’t successful and I had to go for skin graft surgery. Again to my utter disappointment and despair, I was left with a non-healing wound and no path of recovery in sight. Finally, I was referred to NMC Royal hospital where I met Dr. Abizer (Plastic Surgeon). I was quite surprised as my journey took me all this way as I was under the impression plastic surgery was only cosmetic. Dr. Abizer explained to me that plastic surgery has a very wide scope and reconstructive is one of them. I immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Abizer’s expertise. We planned my surgery a week later. I underwent debridement + pedicle islanded reverse artery flap + skin graft and negative pressure. Having full confidence in Dr. Abizer, I spent a few days in the hospital. Today, two weeks post-surgery I am delighted with the results and the professionalism the Doctors and staff at NMC Royal hospital convey to patients. After a year of unsuccessful surgeries, I finally found a doctor in Dubai I would with all my heart refer to any patient. From my side, thanks a lot to Dr. Abizer and all the staff.

- Andrie Jackel

Client Results

Dr. Abizer Kapadia has been producing great, aesthetically pleasing, and natural-looking results consistently in his 10 years of practice. However, the before-after images can not be showcased publicly on digital platforms in compliance with the laws in UAE and ethical guidelines. You can request to see the before-after images during your initial consultation.

Breast Reconstruction

- Need of the Hour

I visited NMC Royal DIP for my liposuction 360 and BBL (buttock augmentation) where I met Dr. Abizer Kapadia who is a certified plastic surgeon. I was initially planning to perform my lipo in India but after meeting Dr. Abizer, I felt very comfortable. He is very patient and answered all my questions. His suggestion to perform BBL turned out to be good as well. I performed my surgery on 16th June and was in the hospital for 1 day. The entire team was very caring post-procedure. Co-ordinator and nurse Chetna was also very efficient. She was constantly in touch with me before and after. I am already loving my results and looking forward to my final results which usually take about 5-6 months. It was an absolutely good decision to perform my liposuction and BBL in Dubai because I can visit the doctor anytime in case of any concerns. Do check out Dr. Abizer’s Instagram for more information @dr.abizer_kapadia

- Iman Jumani

High Definition Liposuction

(360 Degree) with Brazilian Butt Lift

We consulted Dr. Abizer Kapadia after my husband’s birthmark on his face started giving him troubles. The doctor very patiently and clearly explained the removal procedure which would be done by serial excision. Since my husband’s birthmark was considerably big, he stated it would require 2-3 sittings. He did a wonderful and aesthetic job in removing a major part of the birthmark in the first round of serial excision. I would also like to mention his nurse Chetna who was very prompt in coordination.

- Sandeep Ravindranath

Gynaecomastia Surgery

- Dr Abizer Kapadia

Dr. Abizer Kapadia is very professional and caring in his field. He explains the procedure and do’s & don’ts well. He is very positive, encouraging, and cares well for his patients. All the nurses are very professional, very caring, and knowledgeable. The most important thing is that they all have a smiling face when they approach patients. But there is one that is outstanding from a patient’s view. She smiles brightly, guides you well, very helpful, encourages positivity, shows patience, makes you believe in your faith, and is also comfortable that you feel there is someone you know in a strange place, that is sis Maricel - the patient coordinator. She does not expect anything but does everything she can. God bless you all.

- Sunita Andrade Viegas

Leg reconstruction

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Dr. Abizer Kapadia, a Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon in Dubai. I am an Arabic woman living in Dubai with my husband and children and have a small family business. I was diagnosed last year in August 2018 with Breast Cancer and I was fearing for my life. I went to Jordan to have the surgery where they removed my breast and did a breast implant surgery. After about one month, the surgery had failed and the implant got infected. I first came to Dr. Abizer in September 2018 where he advised removing the implant. I had surgery to remove the implant in October 2018. The infection settled down but I was missing a breast and very upset and depressed. Dr. Abizer suggested a major surgery to make a new breast for me using my tummy with microsurgery (an operation of 7-8 hours). Initially, I was very scared and reluctant but he explained things very nicely with full compassion and professionalism. Also, I did not have insurance and so the cost of surgery was also huge. Again Dr. Abizer gave a very good price. I finally had the surgery in 2019. I was still scared and unsure and thought I may be worse. But finally, I have a very nice result with a great job done by dr Abizer and his team to do a breast reconstruction surgery for me. I am now completely fine and healed and very happy with the result and would have another minor surgery in 3-4 months to make the breast shape better. I highly recommend Dr. Abizer and his team as they did such unbelievable and fantastic work and would request all ladies to come forward and have breast reconstruction surgery and fight breast cancer and feel like complete women again. God bless them.

Dr Abizer Kapadia - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

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